Part-time employees to fill up schedule?


I work in health care as a part-time employee and i havn't worked as much as my contract dictates. Now in the holidays i have to make double the amount of hours than i did in the first half of this year, due to full-time employees going on holiday. May part-timers be used to fill the schedule up like this? This was not discussed with me.



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Hi Hannah

I have only just received this query so sorry for the delay and you may have already solved the issue!

This is not right - your contract should state the contracted hours you will work each week (or each month as required) and you should be paid for those contracted hours. It seems as if they are "saving" your hours to use over the holiday period but they cannot do this without your consent and agreement.  If you work extra hours over the holiday period this should be treated as overtime (or additional hours to your contract).

Your contract may say that additional hours may be needed according to the needs of the company but these additional hours can only be done if you have agreed to them and they are treated as additional hours, not hours accrued from your basic contracted hours.

Hope this helps and that you can sort this out.