Support for visitors

Thanks to our many visitors, we are able to keep our website running. Therefore, we find the user-friendliness of our website very important. On this page you will the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our visitors. Do you have a question that is not already answered on this page? Feel free to contact us!

How do I find a company on

On [site name] you will find an overview of [branches] based in the UK. On the homepage you can search for a company based on location, name of the company or specific subject by using the search bar. For example, if you search by location, you will get an overview of every registered [branch]. All these companies are based on the location you have chosen. You can further filter your search results by choosing services, products, or other characteristics. This way we help you find the company that best suits your needs!

What can I do, when I find outdated information on the website?

When you have found a company on our website, you want to contact them as soon and as easily as possible. Because the companies on our site are responsible for their own information on the profile, it is possible that some information has become outdated or that the company is out of business. We try to keep our platform as up-to-date as possible, but since there are many profiles on our site this is not always possible.

If you do find a company that is out of business or has outdated information, feel free to contact us. You can find our e-mail address and phone number at the bottom of the page.

Is it possible to ask questions to human resource consultants on your website?

If you have a question for a specific company, we advise you contact them directly. But if you have a general question to no specific company. You can ask these question on our forum. When you ask a question on the forum, every company that is registered on [site-name] will receive this question. The companies are notified when a new question is sent in. Keep in mind that the companies are not obligated to answer these questions, so it can occur that some questions will remain unanswered. If your question is still unanswered after 6 months, you will receive an e-mail from us about the possible follow-up steps.

Got a different question? Feel free to contact us!

Please keep in mind that we are not a human resource consultants and therefore can only answer questions regarding our platform. Do you still have a question about our website after reading this page? Feel free to contact us via our or contact us via the telephone via +31 38 460 34 48.